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Shark Hammer Necklace- Small

  • $220

A traditional symbol of Norse mythology, the Mjölnir - or Thor's Hammer, goes wild. Representing protection, power, strength, growth and good fortune, the Hammers represent the power we have to put good out into the world, and as every species is connected on the planet, it returns to us all.

The Shark - The unmistakable hammerhead shark lends its form to this piece, featuring a textured and intricate design of traditional symbols telling the story of both their natural armor & vulnerability. A landscape of details as beautiful to the eye as the touch, a symbolic talisman you'll keep close to your heart.

Supporting Project Hiu.

  • Sterling silver
  • 25mm x 20mm pendant
  • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo 2023
  • Designed with love, sustainably sourced materials, and handcrafted in Montreal.