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Breaking free from the conventional notions of luxury trends or seasons, Vargas Goteo was founded in 2010 by designer Alex Prijic Smith, with a focus on the synergy between artistic expression and social responsibility.

With an eye for design and a naturally protective nature, Vargas Goteo is the direct result of skill, character, unique perspectives and reflections. The work not only captivates, but makes a difference, which resonates with individuals on a profound level.

In the landscape of luxury, Vargas Goteo emerged as a pioneer in fostering collaborations and partnerships with ocean and wildlife organizations, giving wearers an opportunity to participate in species and habitat conservation with their purchases. With every piece of jewelry, Vargas Goteo not only adorns its wearers with unique and exquisite designs but also empowers them to become catalysts for positive change.

As Vargas Goteo continues to be a driving force for change, every piece made reminds us that every action, no matter how small, has the potential to create a positive impact and inspire others.

All pieces are made to order in-house in Montreal, where Alex works with a small team of traditionally skilled craftspeople. With a hands-on approach, each piece is made with care and attention to detail.

What’s in the name: "It's a long story, but in short:  Vargas Goteo is a combination of the surname of an artist whose work I grew up around, and “goteo” - a variant of the Latin term for droplet - reflects the company’s motto, that every drop can create a wave…or every effort can create change." -APS