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Tagua Nut Bracelet

  • $30

We're nuts about these bracelets! Tagua nuts which are actually seeds of a palm, otherwise known as "Palm Ivory" for it's likeness to ivory, grow year-round in Ecuador and can be harvested without detriment to the rain forest, and promote a shift back to products that don't harm animals to acquire. 

We're also nuts about elephants, so with every 5 bracelets sold, we're able to foster an orphaned elephant for 1 year.

    • Tagua nut beads with adjustable sliding knots, natural or pigmented with vegetable dye.
    • Sustainable cotton rope bracelet
    • 2.25 diameter adjustable to fit S-L 
    • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo
    • Designed with love, sustainably sourced materials, handcrafted in Ecuador & Montreal. 

      Working with an Ecuador-based NGO, Naya Nayon, local artisans who make the special little beads we use with our bracelets, are given all the training, tools and materials they need to work from home, providing families with living wages, food, shelter, education and health care.