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Koala Relief Necklace

  • $200

A design of the topographical relief of one of the NSW regions severely devastated by the Australian bush fires called the Koala Triangle, with the iconic boomerang shape as the base of the design, representing coming back from hardship.

$15 of proceeds from each piece donated to WFF Australia in support of the Koalas Forever & Regenerate Australia projects.

    • 25mm sterling silver pendant on choice of 18" / 20" chain
    • Choice of gold vermeil*
    • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo
    • Designed with love, sustainably sourced materials, and handcrafted in Montreal.

    Indigenous to Australia, koalas are naturally a slow moving animal and have difficulty escaping threatening conditions. Being an arboreal species, they spend much of their waking and sleeping hours in gum trees, which are also their food source. The Koala Triangle region, from Noosa along the Gold Coast down to Sydney, and inland to Gunnedah, it is the region where the majority of koalas on Australia’s east coast live.

    *vermeil - 3-4 microns gold on sterling silver