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A collection of beautiful species integral to our natural world & highlighting the characteristics we all share. Explore each one to find reflections of your wild side.

  1. 14k Gold BEAR Amulet Necklace
  2. 14k Gold BEAVER Amulet Necklace
  3. 14k Gold BEE Amulet Necklace
  4. 14k Gold BUTTERFLY Amulet Necklace
  5. 14k Gold DEER Amulet Necklace
  6. 14k Gold DOLPHIN Amulet Necklace
  7. 14k Gold ELEPHANT Amulet Necklace
  8. 14k Gold HAWK Amulet Necklace
  9. 14k Gold HORSE Amulet Necklace
  10. Marine Iguana Amulet 14k Gold
  11. 14k Gold OCTOPUS Amulet Necklace
  12. 14k Gold PANTHERA Amulet Necklace
  13. 14k Gold SEA TURTLE Amulet Necklace
  14. 14k Gold SHARK Amulet Necklace
  15. Gift Card